Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Let's Talk About Television: Lost 5x09 - Namaste

A pretty average episode, with the usually niftiness. Not a great one though.

The runway! Holy crap, the runway! That's been a plot point from season three that has been driving fans up the wall for ages. Why did the Others make Kate and James do the busywork of moving rocks for a runway? What was the runway for? Did the Others know what would one day happen? It sure seems eminently possible, considering. Either way, it's very nice to finally see that bit of MacGuffin used.

Any moment that includes Ben getting clobbered in the head is good in my book.

I like that they noticed the similarities in how the timelines for both groups match up, that I touched upon last episode.

Loved seeing the Flame again. I really love all the Dharma mythology, and getting a chance to see all these places again, at the height of their existence, is a treat, and I hope we don't leave them behind anytime soon. Getting to learn about the island in this very tangible, hands on way, is great. And it is sure to have consequences in the future. Literally.

Speaking of the Flame, holy crap, we finally meet Radzinsky. If you don't remember him, and why would you since this is the first time we've actually seen him, he was Kelvin's partner in the Swan before Desmond showed up. He drew the UV map that John found, put the bloodstain on the ceiling when he killed himself, and probably something I'm forgetting. I've been dying to see more of him ever since his existence was mentioned. Nice to put a face with the smudge on the ceiling. ;) I see he's just as paranoid as he sounded, even before the cabin fever of the Swan crept in. It also looks like he designed the station itself. I'm still running with my theory that they built the Swan station around Jughead.

And oooh, if Radzinksy is actually a Dharmite, that means the Swan was an actual Dharma controlled station until very recently. He would have been locked in their after the Purge, protected from the gasses that Ben and the Others released, and likely was unaware of when the gas would dissipate, hence why every preceeding person in the Swan believed that it was bad to go outdoors.

We're also given a name for Horace's and Amy's baby, and boy is it a doozy. We've now met Ethan and Ben (Heck of an ending reveal) as children. Oh, so many problems could be solved with a few well placed bullets. But what problems would those cause? Are things better for the island, and the world, with Ben and Ethan in them? Hmmmm. Things to ponder.

Which is why I love this show. It throws questions in the air, and lets you stew in them for awhile.

Of course, now with Ben meeting Sayid in 1977, did he know his torturer in 2004? Time travel...head hurt.

And Sun has a long journey ahead of her? Can't wait to see what that entails. I loved the abandoned, ruined New Otherton, and the lighting there was nice and moody, almost making them seem like their in another world.

One last random musing, with several of the survivors now being in 1977, I wonder if that may be why they had such extensive files on them when they crashed in 2004? Or if it affects who is on Jacob's infamous lists.

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