Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

I Need a Hero

From AICN:
“Heroes,” which on Monday hit an all-time personal ratings low in key demos, will receive an order for 18-20 new episodes next season, new NBC entertainment president Angela Bromstad told The Hollywood Reporter.

The series' ratings fell precipitously during its second season and have fallen “about 30%” more since its third-season premiere, according to the Hollywood Reporter’s James Hibberd.

Nonetheless, “Heroes” still ranks as NBC’s top-rated series (roughly tied now with “The Office”).

And I'm all in favour of this: "There’s now talk of NBC following the “Lost”-“Galactica” model and setting a long-term series end-date for “Heroes,” though NBC currently wants “Heroes” to continue beyond its fourth season, according to the Reporter."

While there's less of a 'tie everything up in a neat bow' feel for this show, I do like the idea of driving towards a conclusion, and actually getting one.


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