Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Let's Talk About Television: Lost 5x08 - LaFleur

All I gotta say above the cut...TWO WEEKS?! NOOOOOOO.

Oh, dearest Juliet, thou mayhap be a doctor, but tis not wise to blurt out that the pylons doth look like a sonic fence. A sonic fence by any other name is still not identifiable by sight alone.

*I* know why she knows its a sonic fence, and I'm glad it raised a red flag with the Dharmites, but they should've been even more concerned than they probably were.

Great to see James being the con man we know and love. This was a cakewalk for him, really. Nothing too elaborate, but still a side we haven't seen for awhile. Also good to see him have a nice little sitdown and chat with Richard Alpert about a few things. Good way to smooth over issues, and stick around. Sometimes, the truth is just as good as a con. And I still say Jughead is sitting in the Swan. Also I liked that James found a modicum of happiness and a place to belong, even if it was for a short while. How much of that was a con, even to himself? I think in some way, he *was* happy there. At least in a 'better than nothing' sense, and making the most of a bad situation.

OH, right. Four toed statue, yaaaay!

Jin's English gets better over the course of three years, good to know. ;)

Anyone else catch the almost-smile Jack slipped out when he saw James? The two may have their differences, but deep down, they're at least comrades bound together by crazy circumstances, if not exactly friends. He's glad to see James and everyone still alive.

I gotta say, I think I love having a chunk of our cast lost and stuck, for the time being, in 1977. The Dharma Initiative and the mysteries of the island's past are a huge part of the show, and pretty hard to reveal in good ways. This is a great way around that problem, and really makes it part of the story. I eagerly await whatever answers we get, even if they bring questions with them over for dinner. I can't wait to see what other trouble the gang got into in the three years they were waiting for their friends to return.

Hmm. Oceanic 815 crashed in 2004. The castaways were thrown back in time to 1974, thirty years. The Oceanic Six were off the island for three years, and when they return, three years have passed, making it 1977. Not sure if it means anything, but it is a very interesting parallel and possible statement on the nature of time travel on Lost. Reminds me of how whenever Superboy travelled into the future, it was always in increments of ten years. If he left in 1968, it would be 3068 when he met up with the Legion, etc. It follows Daniel's analogy of the island being a record. Each year is a circle on the record, and one can either travel along the line, or jump the path to a previous year or so.

As usual, I'm sure there's more rattling in my head. The show makes so many thought bubble around, not everything gets out.

But share your thoughts, it helps me think.

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