Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Let's Talk About Television: Heroes 3x18 - Exposed

So, word was that this and next week are the episode that got really bad. Personally, I didn't think tonight's was bad at all. Not great, but there's been much, much worse this year and last.


I kinda like Alex. Sure, he's all "Durrr, girls in a comic store?? Durrr!" but he's a nice enough guy once you get past the nerd. And a lot less skeevy than West. I'm still debating if the love interest angle is terribly forced, or bearable under extreme circumstances and hormones. I'm gonna split the difference and go both.

And awwww, mini Sylar! I guess his dad's abilities explain why Sylar only had telekinesis after everything else was taken away last season. We've seen that powers travel along family lines pretty frequently. So that being his native ability and retaining it makes some deal of sense.

Let's hear it for Peter doing something not-dumb! Doubling up on telepathy while infiltrating building 26? Smart move! Changed the escape plan, but getting in was the important part. But why didn't you try and bargain for Matt, Daphne, and Mohinder? Remember that guy?

Speaking of Matt; oh crap. Good way to have the suicide bomber painting come to pass, without damaging Matt's character any. Granted, he may be damaged bu splattering all over the mall, but we have to wait and see how that plays out.

Skipping away from anything resembling criticism and analysis...the shot through the microwave as Claire looked for the popcorn? So adorably cute.

Next week should be fun, with the return of the puppet master. I like his character and abilities, and am pleased to see him return.

Not much to blather about from my end, howabout you guys?


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