Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Let's Talk About Television: Dollhouse 1x03 - Stage Fright

Semi pretty much non spoilery moment... Yay, Kevin Kilner! Loved him on Earth: Final Conflict. The man needs more work.

Well, hello worst kept surprise ever! Ok, my parents will be surprised that Lubov = Victor. In fairness, that was pretty much blown before the show even aired when they were putting out casting, saying who was who, who the dolls were, etc. I guess the addition of the Lubov plot was added on when FOX wanted Whedon to go back and do a handful of episodes before the pilot. It gave him something different to do from Echo and Sierra, and gave a mystery, or tried to do so, at least.

Interesting, if obvious, parallels between the singer and the actives. Nice way to slip in commentary, while not being TOO hammery with it.

Not much to say this week, aside from the same old same old. Maybe weaker than last week's, but still pretty engaging.

I like having Kilner's character as a foil for Boyd. More of a company man, following the rules, and not wanting to see his own charge hurt either. Again I wonder if the imprinting process doesn't do something to the handler's heads while they're touching.

A few seeds planted this week between Echo and Sierra, showing that maybe things aren't going quite as smoothly with the Actives and their wipes. Is Echo special? Is it a basic flaw in the system? Is Topher somehow responsible and giving them more free will and personality to atone for his actions regarding Alpha? Is Alpha somehow doing it?

Another thing I like is the growing camraderie between Boyd and Dr. Acker. Everyone has their secrets in this show, and these two probably have one of the more important ones, in knowing that Alpha is still out there. They'll likely be the most prepared for when he does do whatever it is he's planning.

I'm not even gonna comment on Eliza's singing, but it's better than I can do. ;)

One thing I missed was Echo seeing herself, but I think that trick would get old fast. And they at least had some hints in the same direction with the bond between Echo and Sierra. And oooh, there was an old Sierra. Makes sense to just reuse the names.

Your turn!


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