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Let's Talk About Movies: Dead Like Me - Life After Death

Movies? Television? DVD? It fits any of those, I guess.

Not with this show.

Life doesn't begin until after death, at least, not if you're a Grim Reaper. And that is no more true than with the strange case of Georgia Lass. In life, she was an unformed blob of a person, a slacker, too smart for her own good, but not smart enough to do anything about it. And then she died. She had a job, two if you count the reaping, she got friends, she got responsibilities, and she grew up. And that's the gist of Dead Like Me, mixed in with a heaping pile of sarcasm, cynicsm, waffles, and black humour.

My love for the show runs very deep, and it was a shame when it ended after a mere two seasons. Fortunately, death is but the beginning, and here we have a new movie bringing almost everyone back together. Sadly, my favourite character, Rube does not return. His presence was sorely felt, and I think the program suffered because of it. The characters certainly did. It was good to see everyone out of their comfort zones without Rube to run the gang, but the loss was keenly felt.

The other casting loss was handled strangely. The actress who played Daisy Adair couldn't return, and rather than bring in a new character, they recast her. It amuses me to no end that they cast Sarah Wynter, who played the sister of Laura Harris' character on 24. So at least they kept it in the televised family. I don't like Sarah's version of the character though. Her delivery was flat, less vibrant than Laura's, and just didn't quite click for me. They could grow into the role, but she really felt lost in this movie.

The movie itself tossed out a lot of the rules established in the series. Not in a "You can't do that!" sort of way (Although there was some of that), just having the characters breaking the established rules in various ways. It was fun watching this come and bite everyone back in the ass, but again didn't feel quite like Dead Like Me. I don't get why Cameron, Rube's replacement, was the way he was, why he did what he did, and what he got from it, aside from sick jollies. There's a big missing chunk of plot, I think. I'm running with the idea that he was sent by the Powers That Be, to be taken out by Rube's Reapers, knowing they could get the job done.

Everyone else in the movie is spot on. All the familiar faces are just as mad and crazy as they always had been. It was a joy to see these characters again, and while the story had its weak moments, seeing old friends was worth it. Mason is still lazy, mad, and skeevy. George is still just as much of a cynical pain in the ass, even if she's grown to be a somewhat more responsible adult. Roxy is just as aggressive as ever. And the remaining Lasses are still finding their way through their lives after George's death, to varying degrees of success.

The best stuff in this was easily any scene with George and her kid sister Reggie. George finally reveals to her sister that she's alive, and has to deal with the fallout through the rest of the film. It goes about as well as you would expect telling your sister you're dead but not dead would go. It eventually drives the Lasses to move on with their lives, figuratively and literally, as they pack up for an extended vacation, possibly to even move somewhere new, leaving George behind.

The movie brought the gang back together, pushed the plot forward, and tied up a number of things from the series, so while there's some dodgy plotting and stuff that doesn't quite fit, it was quite good to see all these old friends again, and I definitely look forward to the possibility of more.

I'd go so far as to give this a four out of five, simply because the stuff that does work, works amazingly well. The last thirty minutes or so are very well done for DLM, and I wish the rest of the film had been as solid. And maybe it is, and I'm just being a grumpy fanboy on some of the details.

Your thoughts?

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