Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Let's Talk About Television: Lost 5x07 - The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

Yes, it's Wednesday. I've got about two movie posts and assorted comic talks to post up eventually. Keep poking me, I'll get to them. TV's easy 'cause it's fresh on my brain.

This is easily one of my fave episodes of the season. Locke is a favourite character of mine, so spending so much time with him was nice. And this filled in a lot of holes. Episodes like this really give me faith that they actually know what the hell they're doing at Lost Central.

Again a very straightforward episode, and not a lot of twists, but still a lot to like.

I thought it was hilarious that Hurley was more freaked out at John being alive, and was pretty calm and collected when he thought Locke was just another ghost.

A ton of interesting stuff with Charles Widmore this episode, and I really like that he remembers meeting Locke in the 50s. With everything he and Ben have said and done, especially after the end of the episode, I have no idea which one to trust, if I should trust either of them. I'm guessing not, but both of them have made pretty compelling arguments at times that they're doing, in the long run, what is best for the island. And yet they've also done some pretty awful things.

Loved Locke's journey, and what he learned, and who he met, especially Walt. I really hope Walt can be brought back in as a regular at some point.

I've frequently commented on Jack being one of my least favourite characters, but I love angry, drunken Jack. It somehow makes him more compelling.

This season of Lost continues to be very solid stuff, and I hope they keep up the level of quality. This could be their best year.

There is a war coming? Oh baby, fire up the popcorn!!


My ourorborous userpic is so very appropriate for this show.

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