Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Let's Talk About Television: Heroes 3x17 - Cold Wars

Short review comments: Not bad, but this was no "Company Man" and they clearly wanted us to think it is.

But in fairness, Company Man is a very hard episode to top, and likely nothing they did would come close. Still, this was on the lower side for me.

Does no one at the new Company (What else am I gonna call 'em?) stop to ask where Peter gets his flying abilities from? They presumably know what he can or could do.

I really like the hunter character. Well, less so the character, more the actor. He just has a presence I've always liked since his stint on 24's first season.

And so much for clearing up 'once and for all' whether Noah is a hero or a villain, but who ever pays attention to what promos claim? Heck, that point is probably more confused than ever. I'd say this episode was really largely filler. We didn't really learn a whole lot, no big surprises on the backstory front. Everything they told us of events from the past few weeks were nothing we couldn't more or less assume.

Is it obvious this episode didn't stir much within me to comment about? ;)

I definitely understand where Nathan is coming from. The argument is rather valid, although taken too far. He has his reasons, and they're decent enough ones, and Nathan has fought to keep the new Company's mission from becoming something too dark. Granted, he's pretty much failed, but I do say his heart is in the right place. The best villains are those who think they genuinely are doing the right thing. My only complaint? While I can agree with these motives, and see where they come from, I find it hard to ascribe them to Nathan's character.

Good to see Daphne still alive. She's not my favourite character, but she brings a nice quality to the show I like.

And awww, no more exploding NYC in Issac's loft. Now it's an exploding Washington, DC. Now, every painting has come true, EXCEPT the explosions. I'd stop worrying about those ones. ;)

I'm spent. Your thoughts?

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