Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Let's Talk About Television: Heroes 3x16 - Building 26

Not a ton to say this week out. Maybe I'll add more after my rewatch later. And sorry about the chat, guys. I spaced on getting it running. D'oh.

Oh yeah, and what's up with the episode title? Usually the titles give you an idea of just what the episode is about, or something in it, and while Building 26 was indeed in the, there wasn't really much to that, was there?

I honestly thought Sylar was done with the kid. Sort of glad he's not. I like their relationship. Gabriel clearly sees a lot of himself in the kid, and I wonder if he might think of him as a brother, or as a son, that he could raise better than he was. And gah, the radio. Is Gabriel's newest ability to turn into the same lousy cover artist every time? ;)

This volume is still shaping up a LOT better than the last one, but there's still this nagging feeling that the other shoe is gonna drop and things are going to suck before they get better again, but so far so good, at least. I find I actually care about these characters once more, and aren't just sitting here watching for watching's sake, wishing they'd wrap things up.

Great turn at the end, with events in Noah's life mirror Matt's from the first season when he went out after a fight with his wife, and got drugged by Noah before being dragged away. Next week should be very interesting.

I have two complaints, though. One major, one minor. If Tracy knew her escape was all a trick to further Nathan's plans (Even if he wasn't the one directly behind them), then why play along? Why escape? Why kill the guy? That's pretty damned stupid. You might be able to argue that she figured it out later, but it sure looked like she knew SOMEthing before she froze the agent.

My minor complaint...Claire at the comic store. Oh look, there's a girl in a comic store! Let us make the same tired jokes about girls in comic stores, because we've NEVER HEARD THEM BEFORE. Not to mention how stereotypical the whole thing is. You would think someone in the Heroes staff would realise that girls do read comics. Heck, they've seen the audience at their panels in San Diego. I've got a LARGE female group on my friendslist, and a majority of them read comics. Gasp, shock. I frankly find the whole, "Dur, girls read comics?!" crap a little more offensive than anything Dollhouse did on Friday, but I digress.

Your thoughts?


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