Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Who Caffienes the Coffee?

Yeah, my dork cred probably skyrockets with this purchase...

Photographer Clay Enos, who just had his Watchmen: Portraits book published, also has a side project with coffee. Taking his cue from a brief scene in the limited series, he got the ok to do a limited edition Nite Owl Dark Roast blend.

Being the caffiend that I am, I just have to try this. Not being big on dark roasts (They taste burnt, to me), this still sounds pretty tasty, and I've been waiting for them to be available for order for over a week now.

Clay's a bit worried about selling all his run, so since I know folks who also love their coffee, I thought I'd toss a link out for folks to get some themselves, if they want. This is a limited, one time only run, so...

I wish it was a little cheaper, but the good stuff rarely is, and it's a neat collectible.


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