Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Peeves and Wooster

As I've said many times, one of my biggest pet peeves is repetition.  I can deal with it most of the time, since it's hard to avoid it entirely.  But there are times...

A week or two ago, my mother ran into my elementary school principal.  She didn't even recognise him after all the time, and everything he's gone through since he was still holding that position.  Time, sickness, weight loss, etc.  She told me this when she got back from town.

This morning, "Did I tell you about running into your principal a few weeks ago?"

"Yes, you did."

Now, a normal person would move on to the next subject, but not mom!  She hears that she's already told me this story and...TELLS IT AGAIN!


I pointed this out, and cut it short a little, but still.  Oi.


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