Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Motherblog: Snow Business

Ok, this morning it just got weird.

She looks out the window, and hey!  There's snow falling!  Her reaction?  "Oh my god!!  This is insane!  It's SNOWING!!"

Golly, it's like's WINTER or something!  In VERMONT!!

Then she came out to me and asked, "Did you do this?  Did you pray to the rain gods to go away, and to make it snow more??"

I *still* don't know how the hell you respond to that.  I mean, it's snowing, in February.  That's not like its anything special.  In fact, it's special f it ISN'T snowing.  So I just rolled my eyes, thinking she was joking, and wasn't going to bother responding, but she kept pressing me, wanting a real answer.

I'm still working on one that isn't "Are you insane?"


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