Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Let's Talk About Television: Lost 3x04 - The Little Prince

A bit quieter this week, for the most part, but still good Losty fun.


And the moment Locke asked if anyone spoke French, I squeed.  I've LONG wanted to get answers about Rousseau's expedition, and was getting to think we'd never learn anything about them, and I certainly didn't expect to find out like this.  Well, not until the end of last season was the inkling poking around my brain. We're long past flashbacks, and are now outright living in the past, which is a great new way to do what Lost does, but shake up the format at the same time.

Most of this episode was just shuffling the characters around on the proverbial chessboard, with very few answers like we've been getting lately, but bringing Jin back in, and the Frenchmen make up for that, for me.

I loved Ben's open admission that he sent Norton after Aaron.  No drawing out of that mystery at all.  When we saw Ben meet with Norton, I started mentally figuring on just when the rest of the gang would find out, how long he could keep it from them, what would happ...oh, never mind.

Part of me wonders if young Rousseau (Shame about not being Mira Furlan, but oh well), is played by the same person whose voice we heard back in the beginning of the show with the repeated distress call.

Oh, and before I forget AGAIN...  Anyone else think that things will turn out that our time travellers are the mysterious whispery voices we've heard in the jungle on occasion?    I've been pondering it for weeks now, but kept forgetting to float the idea out there.

Y tu?

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