Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Let's Talk About Television: Supernatural 4x13 - Afterschool Special

While I love Supernatural's mythology arc, which is much stronger than some other similar shows, I do occasionally like getting to know the brothers a little more.  We know them pretty well, but these little glimpses into their pasts are always a treat.

My only disappointment was the horrible, horrible teases at not quite seeing their father.  I would've loved a glimpse of Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

The bad guy this time out was very interesting.  It's your typical bad background, with a little bit of a twist I guess, but never before have the brothers had to face something so personal to them, especially Sam.  Jared's little twitches while talking to Dirk's father were brilliant, and some really good acting.  The episode was a good way to use the horrors of high school in the world of Supernatural.  Very Buffy of them.

Its been noted before how teenaged Dean didn't really look like Dean, but the actor really nailed the part, and I agree...but did anyone else think the actor DID look like someone?  Namely the guy most associated with playing old Yellow Eyes/Azazel?  That was distracting me. 

Not too much more for me to say about it, since the arc was on vacation this episode, but what we got, I liked.

Your thoughts?

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