Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Let's Talk About Movies: Repo! The Genetic Opera

This is a very tough call.

I didn't hate it, by a long shot.  But I don't love it either.

The movie gets points for style, that's for sure.  The cast is great, and generally does a good job.  Even Paris isn't awful.

The story is pretty good, about love and loss, and betrayal.  Some classic themes there.  I rather enjoyed the story.

Sadly, the musical falls apart with the songs, IMO.  They're kinda bad.  There's very few actual songs.  Most of it is sung dialogue, and not sung that well either, in a lot of cases.  It took a good twenty minutes before some good songs actually kicked in.  Fortunately, most of the ones after that point weren't bad.

That said, there are a few songs that are real gems, and I only wish the rest were as good.

I'd probably give the movie three, three and a half faces out of five.  It's worth seeing, if you like musicals, or gothy atmosphere.  And there's one moment that is absolutely worth the price of admission for me.

Your thoughts?


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