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All Your Base Stations are Belong to Us

Yeah, I dislike it, but it just fits so well.

So, what did I do with John last night? I went to his house, and set up his PC with a wireless network card, and made it communicate with an Apple AirPort, and used the PC to configure it.

This is not a simple task It would have been simpler to go downstairs, and use his parents' Mac, but that never occured to me. And less of a challenge. And it's all about the challenges. And it's his parents' computer, and we really didn't want to mess with it, since that would be easy. The PC's networked with was what we really needed to figure out.

And dear Gods, do I hate Windows ME, after only five minutes of using it. They changed things that worked fine in previous versions, just to have something different, and thus warranting that this is actually a 'different' operating system.

Pulled it off though, and I'm rather proud. Next project, get the AirPort to use DSL, and be the gateway for the house. Actually, next will probably be configuring the next WiFi card for the next PC, since John will still probably be clueless. The Mac too, probably.


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