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Stayed up WAY too late waiting for UPS today so I could intercept a Christmas package, and it wouldn't sit around all day while I slept where the people its intended for could poke at it.

That's the sucky thing about mail ordering Christmas presents for people online.  If they see the package, they MIGHT be able to figure it out.  This one was a little confusing, but it's also a giant plate of glass, and I didn't trust my dad to just literally toss it somewhere. ;)

Now, the box on its way from COFFEE Fool, that I gotta get ahold of before my mom sees it, too.  That's damned obvious.

Speaking of coffee...late sleep, plus early rise...ugh.  If anyone talks to me, I may be less coherent than usual.

Of course, it's not like anyone really does that these days. =/


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