Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey


So, today I went to see Saw V, had to get to sleep 'early', and ended up waking up with way too little sleep. I tossed in some music to try and drown out everything in the background, and ended up finally having that eureka moment that made an idea click in my head.

Yep, I got crap for sleep, but I now know what I'll be writing in November, Visions of a Parallel World.

It's the story of a man from an old-money sort of family, who's been having strange dreams of an even stranger world, alienating himself from friends and family, and his eccentricities have prevented him from being in line for the family fortune. Instead he's become a wanderer, doing odd jobs to pay for food, rent, and to get to wherever he's going next. The visions have gone away for several years now, and just as he's beginning to hope for a normal life, they return, sending him on a path that will eventually bring him face to face with the things inside his head.

And I should never write the copy for the back of my books. ;D


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