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Wow, the packaging for the 11th season of the Simpsons is awful.

Unlike the previous seasons with the plastic head clamshells, which I actualled liked, they went a different route this time around. They still did the top half of the head in plastic, but that's glued to a cardboard case, which from what I can tell, is the non-limited packageing version.

Inside that is the disc holding part of the package, and it's a fold out thing. I opened it up, and didn't see a single disc. Upon closer inspection, the panels of the folder are actually where they hid the discs, so you have to kinda reach into the sleeves that are made at the edges of each fold, to pull out the discs, and the fit is tight.

Yeah, that's gonna be great for the discs. This is way a step down.

I can see wanting to change the design from the ill-received packaging from the last few sets, but at least some people liked those. I don't see what anyone could like about these. Cheap looking, awkward, and not very intuitive. I shouldn't have to play a guessing game to find the DVDs.


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