Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Which Blade is Witch?

So, I'm sitting around, watching my Witchblade DVDs, of the live action series obviously. And I'm mostly enjoying them, since it was a fun series overall, buuuut...

I am *really* getting annoyed at series who can't get the rights cleared for their music, and end up replacement most of it. A few songs here and there I can barely abide, but whenever it happens, it is SO damned obvious. The songs never quite fit. Even if I haven't seen the show, I can usually tell the difference.

But Witchblade went above and beyond. In one episode, there's a guy, rocker, who's singing some songs, and they went and got all new versions from a cover band for the DVD set. One of the songs they KEPT from the original version, and he difference between the two different bands is so noticable. Gah.

Also, I still hate Nottingham's inability to look at anyone or anything. Drove me batty in 2000, drives me batty now.


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