Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Motherblog: Seething with Rage

I hate my mother so very much right now.

We've established she's got a memory like a seive.

Since Heroes ended last November, I knew she had no idea what happened, let alone how it ended, so I thought we'd watch my season 2 DVD and she'd be all set for watching the season three premiere.

We've done this before, usually with Lost.

Tonight, we're watching the season finale, and what does she do, with literally five or six minutes left on the episode? She fucking goes outside. Just...wanders out there for a bit, and COMPLETELY MISSES the entire damned point of doing this. And dad's home tonight, so he was watching, and I couldn't just sit there and pause it until she decided she'd stop staring at a tree.

Nnnngh. I hate hate hate when people say "Hey, let's watch something!" and then do everything possible to not watch. It's a peeve of mine.


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