Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

What's the Secret?

So, the first post-Secret Invasion stuff has been solicited.

Aaaand, it's all top secret and hidden. Not surprising.

But, I do have a prediction. And I'm making it publicly so I can be mocked in November.

What is Dark Reign? A lot of people are suspecting that the Skrulls will win, and rule over all. Now, I'd like to see Marvel actually try to pull that off, but I don't think it's gonna happen.

First off, it just seems a bit too much to try and do, have the Earth run by an alien force, plus too many books are gonna stick around. I don't see the Skrulls having the Avengers and such going. Not EVERYone can suddenly be a team book trying to take out the Skrulls. That's too much of a game changer, as much as I'd like to see it.

Another clue is the Punisher solicit outright says there was a victory. Since the book is Punisher, and not "Skrulls Rock!" I feel it's safe to lean towards that being a human victory.

Now, the question is...which humans?

I say the supervillains save the day.

Bendis has given them a growing role in his titles, and Secret Invasion, he's made a big deal about pointing out the heroes and villains all side by side at the end of the newest issue, and if the villains score the ultimate victory, that would make the Punisher question whose side he's on, like it says in his solicit.

And there's a bunch of secret "Villain variant" covers coming up. What other variants has Marvel done? Zombies, to promote Marvel Zombies. Apes, to promote Marvel Apes. Skrulls, to promote Secret Invasion. And now villains, to promote...well, Dark Reign starts at the same time...

Could the new Dark Avengers be a villain-centric title?

So, the villains save the day, they hold onto some power post SI, the question is just how much,why, and in what state. Sure, there's problems similar to the Skrulls in command, but it somehow doesn't seem as big an issue in my head as it would if the aliens won, I dunno why.

Anywho, that's my prediction, flawed as it may be at this time.


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