Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey


So, my mother was looking for dog name suggestions, I have made my feelings known about the rat, and suggested "Football". Because they had the lame suggestions of the stupidly ironic names like "Bruiser" and "Tiger". Ugh.

They glared at me for my suggestion, and I moved on, "Rugby?"

The sad thing? They *like* Rugby.

But my mother, in typical fashion, "Football is too long, Rugby is much shorter!" Go ahead, say the names out loud, let it sink in... ;)

They liked it so much, they went and got a dog tag yesterday at the fair. My mother for some unfathomable reason, wants it to be spelled Rugbe, which now that I've typed it out, looks even dumber than it did in my head. And even better, they spelled it wrong on the tag, so it's now Rubge. My mother says the guy spelled it wrong, but I really don't put it past her spelling it wrong to the guy, considering she read it off and spelled it several times, to me, before she realised it was wrong. ;)


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