Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

End of the Road


Sucking back coffee, listening to hurricane stuff on CNN, and just killing time before heading down to circle the con one last time.

Last night, I saw almost everyone I've already seen, again. Hung out with nisie and Leary, with drharper, and indigoskynet stopped by for a bit, and numerous others, as we watched and laughed at the masquerade. Others had some mead tasting, but I opted out, since that's the way I roll. Had a great time with everyone, shared photos, giving them more of a preview than has ended up on my Flickr feed thus far. ;) Probably overstayed my welcome, but once I'm shown the door, I go quickly. ;)

I hope I can still eyeball a few people this morning, either in or out of costume.

Fortunately, my flight still looks on time, but a lot can change before 1pm.


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