Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

DragonCon, Day Oneish

Lyss! Timey! Mitai! That last was a total surprise. =)

Today was mostly a photo day. Caught a Watchmen grouping this morning, that was awesome. Tons of pics. Looking forward to making some of them B&W or sepia toned, because that will just look awesome.

Ran into a bunch of the costuming community, obviously. I had someone recognise ME for a change, which was weird. "Are you Foenix on Flickr?" is a question I never expected to encounter. =)

Couldn't get away from Ruby Rocket for very long, it seemed. Some of that was by design, most was just being in the same place. I feel almost bad that it was almost like I wouldn't go away, but these things happen. Maybe I'll try to avoid her tomorrow. ;)

Met DJ Spider, all done up as Silver Banshee, which was awesome.

Sat in on the Dawn panel, since it was right after a comic writing don'ts panel I wanted to attend, and Ruby and Spider were modding the Dawn thing. Not of much use to me, but I love behind the scenes stuff, and it was informative and fun.

Tracked down coffeebadass so he won't give me crap this year about never showing up, and we caught the ARTC performance of the night, and they're always a treat to see. After that, was just more wandering, more Watchmen, more photos, more Ruby.

Soon I sleep so I can watch the parade on the morrow.


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