Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey


Here is your quick and easy guide to finding Foenix at Dragon*Con.

1. This is me. It doesn't get much simpler than that, eh? And I will have that shirt one day. Probably Saturday, when I look for the Marvel/DC shoots. I've also got my Greg Land Phoenix shirt, and othert assorted comic imagery.

2. If you see me, SAY SOMETHING. This is important. I am blind as a bat. Pretty much literally. Especially since most of the people reading this are in costume, and may have wigs, or face paint, the odds are good you will recognise me waaaay before I recognise you. I *am* getting used to seeing roguesamus and BelleChere, but am still hesitant to look like a fool if it isn't them, especially if there's a group of five Rogues. ;) lyssie and nique I'm pretty good at spotting, but still, you'll see me first, most likely. ;) Odds are I'll walk right by drharper and dj_spider and be utterly clueless. I *have* walked by Ruby Rocket and Miracole many, many times. Stupid wigs confuse poor Jason. If you're costuming, and I know what they are, that does make it easier.

3. Names I will respond to: Jason. Foenix. Foe. Botmaster. Photography Lad might work. "YOU! With the camera! From LJ!!" might also get my attention.

4. You may want to try and grab me and surprise me. I may not react kindly to this. I'm waaay paranoid. ;) I've gotten tons better, but this may not be your best course of action. Most likely ok though. You've been warned, however. ;)

5. I actually have a cell phone this year! I will give my cell number to anyone who asks that's going to the con. If you have this number and see Phoenixes, call me. ;)

6. If you've got internet access at the con, I will be posting oodles of updates to my Twitter feed. I'll also post up summaries right here if you want the highlights before the day starts.

7. Events and panels I can almost guarantee I'll be at - a Marvel/DC photoshoot maybe both, the Dawn Lookalike competition, a couple other super-related photoshoots are very possible. Aside from those two though, it's iffy. Those'll be final once I actually look at the schedule and see what conflicts there may be. I'll also frequent musical performances here and there.

8. If all that fails? I'm planning to watch the masquerade from my hotel room, and would love company. I may bribe you with pizza?

9. Finally, this is important enough to repeat, if you see me SAY SOMETHING. That's really what I wanna get across here. I hate finding out after the fact that I was standing right next to a person I wanted to say hey to.


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