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Caitlin Grey

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I Hate My Body

Not in an "Oh my god, I'm fat!" way, mind you.

I get weird markings, and I'm sure some of them are just accidentally scratching myself in my sleep, or from cats, or just not noticing when I run into things, but...

Once in awhile, I get something really weird that defies immediate explanation.

The other day, I got out of the shower, and there was a strange mass of red markings on my left shoulder, or kinda bruisey, but still nice and red. Now, I know I hadn't run into anything, and had no idea what caused these. It looked a lot like the markings I can end up with carrying my bags through airports, except that's always my RIGHT shoulder. Like I said, odd. And it kinda disturbed me, since it was quite noticeable, but not immediately explainable.

Sigh, I hope I'm not fighting crime in my sleep again, because A) I sleep during the day, and there's not much crime, and B) I live ten miles from anything, so the worst crime is the evil cows plotting my downfall. Even that doesn't explain the markings!

Stupid cows.


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