Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Returning to Reclusiveness

Chatted with the guy at the comic store today.

He's staying open.


He's merging his store (Read: assets, the comics, and such) with another, and closing that location. The new location, while about the same distance away, of about an hour, but in a direction, and place, we don't go to unless someone's dying, since there's the big hospital there. The current location is convenient, because it's where we go almost every week for food shopping, but now...

Yeah, looks like no more comic store for me after this month.

I'm gonna live it up in Atlanta, people, since that's my last escape from these four walls for a loooong time.

And yes, I'm being overly melodramatic. Because I can.

*puts his hand to his forehead and sighs* WOE!


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