Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

SDCC Days 2 & 3

Brain frazzled from all the wandering, and sitting, and excitement. I'm just gonna summarise.

Heroes panel: Two hours of sitting and wandering a line (Looooong line. Photos coming. Geeeze) Cast got their late, and only answered a few quick questions, but they did show us the third season premiere. That kinda meh second season? FORGET ABOUT IT. This is the Heroes we all know and love, although there is some dodgy stuff that made me cringe, but...that's part of the Heroes we love too. ;) No spoilers, just that it was great. If folks want, I may give in depth, spoilery thoughts.

And I found Ruby Rocket again! She's just as aweome, and it was great having a few minutes to just BS with her. Wish we could've just talked a bit more, but she was doing the booth babe thing, and I had to zoom...somewhere, brain blanking.

Also, the day before, found fieryredhead, yay! Helped her find the Broadsword Comics booth, ok, I failed at that, but I did help a bit. ;)

Found Miracole while at the Marvel booth, dressed in an amazing Black Queen get up. Marvel's mini masquerade was fun. Lots of great costumes.

Also last night got to see the Totally Rad Show guys film, met them, and...

These last two days have been dizzying with the cool. So damned good.

So much more I want to say, but tiiiired.

And I didn't even get to see everything I wanted to.


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