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Well, got Unbreakable, and John snagged Dogma, the only copy, off the shelf. They didn't have a copy for me, which I tried to reserve, but for some reason were unable to do so. They did say there was one copy reserved for someone.

So, we drive to the mall. EB isn't open, nor is the other music/DVD place. K-Mart, however, was open (they had yet to open the gate to the mall yet...) wandered into the outside, evilsun, and found the DVD... By almost stepping on it.

Yeah, the only copy K-Mart had, had fallen to the floor. Yeesh... Bonus though, it was two bucks cheaper than what John had paid for it. Mwahahahah.

Oh yeah, John went in to Staples and bought his first wireless network card. He blew a lot of money today. Plus the Titan A.E. DVD at K-Mart...

So, I get home, hop in the shower, and get a phone call. Coconut's called to say that, yes, you guessed it, the Dogma they had reserved? That someone was me...

Still, I saved money in the end.

As always, faith manages.


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