Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

See Saw on Scifi!

Yes, I know the first two movies were on LAST night, but this is different.

But so very not.

Coming up on the Scifi Channel, is a new reality program!


Three contestants locked in a room must endure a series of physical challenges, decipher riddles and break codes in order to escape. As the time clock ticks, their prize money decreases and their anxiety builds while three contestants locked in an identical room also race to find their own way out. Produced by Emmy-nominated Dan Cutforth and Jane Lipsitz of Magical Elves with Riaz Patel.

It's Saw: the TV Series!!

There's a number of other reality series that make my brain hurt.

Cash or Capture is an action-packed, edge-of-your-seat reality competition show that pits a group of contestants against each other in the quest for a cash prize, while being stalked by relentless "hunters." Based on a successful Japanese format from Fuji Television, the action takes place over 60 minutes of real time in various landmark locations. As the clock winds down, the competition gets harder as more hunters appear on the streets, the game perimeter gets smaller, and tasks are assigned that test fraying nerves. Contestants earn money for every second they "stay alive," but if they are overrun by a hunter they lose everything. When only minutes remain in the game a final clue to the game's exit point is revealed, and the first contestant to make it to that spot wins the prize.

Ok...just one question. WHY is this on the Scifi Channel? When will they give up and just rename it "Whatever We Think Will Get Ratings Channel"? It's bad enough we have wrestling there, but with multiple reality tv shows (The antithesis of science AND fiction, no?) cropping up...ugh. Where's my MST3K when I need it? I would seriously sit through a year's worth of their Scifi Saturday Schlockfests than watch this crap that just doesn't belong on the channel.

And next up...

From the producers of Fear Factor comes the most physically and psychologically challenging competition yet - Estate Of Panic. In each episode, large quantities of cash are hidden in a massive estate and seven strangers are invited to find the money. But all is not what it seems, and the contestants will be challenged throughout the mansion to overcome the terrors that await them. After each of the three challenges, two people are eliminated and their winnings are added into the prize pot. The last person standing walks away with everyone's found money.

With this one, I can at least see some vague connection of "Haunted house" which has a place on the channel, as tenuous as it is. Horror has always been a stretch, but at the same time been closely related to science fiction and fantasy, so I can at least kinda get why this might belong, as annoying as it is. But still...sigh.


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