Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Patch Foedams

Happy Patch Tuesday, everyone!

Yes, I know it's Wednesday, my machine never checks until 3am Tuesday...


You should of course be patching your system up to cover up those nasty holes, but if you've not done it yet, and you use XP and Zone Alarm, here's a little tip.

One of the updates, KB951748, has a wee issue with it, and if Zone Alarm is set on high security for the internet zone, you may not be able to get online.If you hit this problem, all you have to do is turn the IZone security down to medium, which is still plenty safe.

This is really more an annoyance than problem, and hopefully I'm giving a few folks a heads up before they reboot and all of a sudden the internet is unreachable. I'll save you a call to MS support. =)

This is an XP issue, and Vista appears to be unaffected by this.

Stupid Vista...

If/when I hear of a normal fix, I'll toss out a heads up.


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