Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Internet Diservice Provider

So yeah, the "ughs" earlier...

Midnight, July 4th, talking to cyclopsscott via IMs and the usual gang of idiots in #Comicbooks (Come say hi!), and AIM disconnects, and YIM...I know these signs. I ping myself in mIRC and that disconnects, so I log into my router.

Yep, having some issues, so I restart that, no good. Unplug it for a bit, still no good. Reboot the computer, you get the idea.

Anyone who's called into ISP tech support has played this game before.

So, I sigh, call tech support...and discover that they've stopped providing 24 hour support. Oh yeah, that's good. EVERY time I've had a problem it's been in the darkened kind of AM hours. Never when the sun is up. Bad, bad decision. Still, maybe someone has somehow noticed, and they've got crews on the problem. It's possible.

I could forward my call to the people who WERE there, and I did, but they're not tech support, and are dumber than a sack of hammers.

So, I still have netcasts, vidcasts, and SG1 to fill my hours. The net doesn't come back, 8am rolls around, and I call tech support again during business hours.

Oh yes, that's right. It is July freakin' Fourth.

Ok, I'm going to get one of the non techies that is there, explain the problem, and try desperately to get SOMEone who has a clue. Oh look, lines are busy. This just gets better.

I listen to some more podcasts with my mother while waiting, try again, FINALLY get someone of the non tech variety, and she was able to confirm an outage, and fokls have just been sent out to fix it.

10am rolls around, I really gotta get some sleep, still no internet, so I call it a night. As you can see...hi! I'm back!

Now, the service was out for at least 11 hours (I checked a little before actually sleeping towards 11), and probably some time after that, even.

If they actually still had proper support...the problem could have been fixed WAY before that, probably before their peak daytime hours started up, and on a holiday when lots of people would be home. I could've at least told them a good eight hours before I'd wager they knew. Instead, I'm stuck waiting for competent people to show up. Sigh.


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