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Down Doobie Doo Down Down

Yeah, having a depressing day. It happens once in awhile.

And it comes down to not getting comics this week.

But that's not *really* it.

Since getting last week's batch, parents were talking about heading over to Claremont all week, so it seemed pretty certain I'd get my comics again. This was good, as this week had a lot of my favourite books; Cap, Green Lantern, Dresden Files, Ms. Marvel, Titans, Uncanny, and Alan Davis drawing Young Avengers #6...y'all've seen the list, but those are the highlights...

Anyways, the sun comes up Saturday morning, I inquire if we're making the trip. I knew there was a possibility of not going, gas prices and what not, I just wanted to know so I could plot how concious I needed to be in a few hours. Long story short (Too late!), the answer was no. I was fine with that, a little bummed and what not, but then I found out that it wasn't that they didn't want to go run errands over there, or save gas, but wanted to go elsewhere, in an entirely different direction, and do some stuff.

And again, that's cool, but after the build up of getting comics, and having it yanked out from under me because they wanted to do their own thing (Which I don't begrudge them!)...the more I thought about it, it just hit home how little in control I am of where I go and what I do. Not having any friends doesn't help either. So like I said, not really about the comics, but it led from there...

And yeah, I know this sounds terribly whiny, but being promised something, and then having it yoinked away, while everyone else goes off and does whatever without me has always made me feel like shit. I realise how I sound, and I'll get over it, but hey, this is LiveJournal. We know drama. I needed to vent, because the thoughts rattling around in my head isn't doing me any good.

Still, I'm going to San Diego and Atlanta, so I can't complain TOO much, but that's a month from now. This day? I feel bummed. There's also more, little things niggling at me making it worse, but that's the overarching theme, reminding me I'm stuck...

Now, I shall watch Diggnation and drink coffee.

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