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Funny from the Cafe

TapWriting> Kitty Twister sounds like a Luba fic...
Jim_Smith> Nah, it sounds like a chapter title in a Luba fic. Like "You got your Peter in my Kitty!"
Mike_Smith> Jim: AAuugh! I just now figured out why Ellis named him that!
* Foenix snickers.
Jim_Smith> Mike: So did I, my did I.
Mike_Smith> "Oy'll call 'im Peter, ooy will! Much less obvious than Willie, and nobody'll get it until it's much too late! Ug ug ug!"
* TapWriting groans. Ellis wouldn't...I hope...
Mike_Smith> Yes, Ellis laughs like Popeye. Deal with it.
Jim_Smith> Mike: That started as Cockney and ended as Australopithicus africanus...
Foenix> Tap: Yes, yes he would.


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