Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey


Because if I can call myself a Canadian redhead, I'll do it.

Finally, the Dish Dudes showed up.

They couldn't get here yesterday, and dad was piiiissed. He wanted them to be out here NOW. To hell with all the other people who've had appointments set that would have to be cancelled. ;)

Fortunately, they had a guy out here after we ran errands, and they could send him buy to take a look.

Not here even two minutes...

"Huh. You got a lotta trees here, I dunno if there's a spot I can move it to that's clear."

I fought very, very hard to not gloat. I did lean in to my mother and whisper an I told you so.

And I danced a jig.

It was looking pretty bleak, but the guy shifted the satellite up a few inches on our roof, repeaked it, and did offer to cut down a few branches in the way, which is outside his normal perview. If he didn't do it, we were gonna be pretty screwed, since there was pretty much nowhere to point it without trees.

As I've been saying.

*cough* Gloat mode off.

I'd say the satellite is still a little weak for the transponder for the locals, but it's a damned sight better than it was, and gives us some wiggle room, at least. We can now take our time to drop the tree fully, when we're a little better off.

Now, I reallyreally need sleep, and my feet hurt from pine needles. And thus the saga ends. We now resume your regular scheduled postings of links, quiz results, and random nonsense. ;)

The shorter version of this post was originally just "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" but I figured I'd elaborate.

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