Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Stranger Fiction

Do you like the Twilight Zone?

Do you itch for the Outer Limits?

Have you been longing for a new anthology series to tell you great stories of science fiction, and maybe make you think a little?

Then you really ought to check out Stranger Things.

It's a fairly newish podcast, doing just that. They're a little sporadic so far, but what's come out has been really good stuff. The production values have been a little low in the first few episodes, since they're just getting off the ground, but with the latest story, Latchkeepers, things have really jumped up, and given a hint of what this show could be, due in no small part to efforts to bring the show to wider audiences, and receive more funding.

And when there's not new episodes, the creator gives pretty frequent updates on just what's going on, in fun, silly videos, that have become a part of the show themselves. Not literally, but part of the ST experience is those little updates.

It's early days yet, but if you want to see some good stuff that is, if nothing else, the spiritual successor to those classic shows, then there's worse places you could look than this show. You can download the videos from the site, subscribe to the podcast, and they're in the process of making the leap to on demand tv, if you get the channel. And it's all free.

I love this new revolution of shows on the internet, like TWiT and Revision 3, but I'm also glad to see new, serious scripted shows also trying to make it, and maybe just maybe, starting to succeed.


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