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Nicole Grey

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Falling Into Place

It's weird how a sequence of events can work so well towards my plans.

As I said earlier, missed de cricket.

So, I get IMed by this strange AIM name. I normally don't respond unless I know the person, but this didn't seem porn-related, so just thought maybe Crantz had a strange name on AIM, or someone else.

Starts going on about "Have you always been such a cross-eyed dumpster-diddling pipe-muncher?", and then I get informed by Frito that it's a bot, and she just got hit by the same, and directs me to its website. Then, Kossie tells me that Crantz was just IMed with an insulting IM from the same person, I directed her to the link, and thus Crantz learned I'm on AOL, and those IMable.

Faith manages =)


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