Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Reversal of Fortune

Urge to kill...rising.

So, yesterday was looking up with the dish. I even showed my dad, took him outside, showed him the tree from behind the dish, and he understood! He said he'd get out there and cut some branches down this morning, if he could reach them, and/or call someone to remove the tree. Yay! Finally!

Yeah, so much for that.

Wakes up this morning, apparently having amnesia of the entire conversation yesterday... "I want you to call Dish, and have them come out and tell us what's wrong, before we do anything!"

I KNOW WHAT IS WRONG!! I've shown you! I continue to show you!!

"It's been out for two week's straight!!"

Funny, I have several things I've recorded from the channels out for two fact, I recorded something yesterday, before the weather shifted and it went out again!

But no, there must be 'something wrong' with the equipment. Yes, something that somehow goes out when it rains, or when the leaves come in.

I'm about this close to just cancelling the service. I can get everything off the 'net and watch it myself, screw 'em.

And yes, that's just me being pissy. ;)


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