Esme Grey (foenix) wrote,
Esme Grey

Final Satellite Crisis

Finally, at about 10am, everything was clear, and dry, and out of the way enough for us to get a signal. They finally, apparently believe me. =P

Since my dad was dead certain it was an inexplicable 'something else' that was causing the problems, despite the overwhelming evidence and explanations I gave, he actually didn't believe me when I said the other channels were back on.

"How'd you do that?!"

"The trees are drying out...Like I've said they would..."

It's still a little flaky, since there are still branches in the way, but we've got enough that it's mostly working, like it usually does.

I *do* agree moving the dish is a good idea, if we've got a spot it can go with a clearer view, but that's not really an expense we can deal with right now. Mmm, oil. Also, wherever it goes, there are trees, and they'll eventualyl be problems. At least where it is, the trees are OUR trees, and we can hack them up as we wish. ;)


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