Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey


So, we have a satellite dish, what with living in the middle of nowhere, and wanting more than three channels...

Every year around this time, as spring really kicks in, the snow stops, the leaves grow...we lose a fair chunk of our channels. Because there's a tree that has, since we had the dish installed, has grown into the line of sight.

Of course, my parents don't believe me.

The rain we've had ALL WEEK LONG isn't helping either.

My dad keeps saying we're paying for service, so Dish Network is required to come out here and make it work. Yes, we pay for service, and they're providing it. There's nothing wrong with the equipment. What does he want them to do? Come out and shake their rain sticks, do a little dance, and make the heavens part? It's also not their responsibility to take care of trees, that is the landowner's responsibility. If there's not a clear line of site, they won't even install it. In fact, when ours WAS installed the guy *told* us the tree would become problematic in a few years.

He's demanding that I call up and get them to come out and move the dish. He says we never had this problem with DirecTV. Which we did, but whatever. That was mostly rain related, since they COULD put that dish in a spot with a perfectly clear line of sight. Not to mention I've just found out that will cost 100 dollars to have done.

I've had to listen to this for the past few days, and every day they just carry on, saying it's still not back yet, it can't be the rain or trees, it has to be something else. I look outside, and basically say...of course it's not. It's STILL raining, and the tree is STILL standing. Nothing has changed, why would the satellite suddenly start working?

I've seen this happen the last few years, I knew it was coming, and checked the signal strength over the last few weeks, and watch it steadily get weaker and weaker as the new branches and leaves grew into place, I know exactly what's wrong. And I tell them. And they don't listen, they just want to bitch and moan about it.

In fairness, my dad did go out and attack the tree with the chainsaw.

Sure, it didn't do anything, and he yelled about that too. "I cut down half the fucking tree!!"

Yes, yes he did. I'll give him that. You want to know which half he cut off?


Which would be great, if the dish was receiving its signal from the centre of the Earth.

After three hours of sleep, that was SO not what I wanted to wake up to.

Also got only three hours yesterday because of the chainsawing... @.@


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