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An update on my country.

It's called Phoenicia. I have put Rachel up as my puppet president, tried uploaded something for the anthem, but it changes mp3s to wavs, and thus making it an invalid file, causing much trouble. To get any wav that isn't huge, you have to crush it down so much, it sounds like crap...

The capital city is Summerset, and several locales have been changed. Sabatia has become Sebacia, Victor has become Ben-Victor (Reference to the actor who plays Hobbes on I-Man), and Maloya Potassium Factory is now Moya Potassium. I'm sure some others will get changed to things I like rather than jokes at some point...


Brief Addendum
Because I don't want to make another post.

The world of Kebir Blue has a shortage of coffee!! NOOOOOO!!

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