Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Seeing Red

I've been Millared.

Allow me to explain.

Long time readers of these rambling, incoherent blatherings know I am no fan of Mark Millar. I lump him in with Scott Lobdell, Rob Liefeld, and a few other creators I absolutely loathe and will drop projects when I see their name on it.

The most frustrating thing is I can see talent in him, and even why some people like him, and if he'd just drop the "Oooh, I'm so clever, nudge nudge wink wink!" bullshit, and learn to give his characters a voice that doesn't sound like it was stamped out of the Wolverine handbook, he'd be a pretty good writer.

But the thing that really gets me, is how he jerks readers around. He did it with the final issue of Wanted (So I'm told, I didn't read it), and most notably with some of his run in Ultimate FF. He and Joe Quesada built up a crossover between what appeared to be the Ultimate MU and the regular MU, in every way possible short of ACTUALLY saying it. A lot of people bought it. I didn't, because I was well aware of Joe's tricks, and Mark's, even back then.

The issue finally came out, and the phenomenon known as the Marvel Zombies was introduced, when we learned on the last page that no, it wasn't Earth 616, but another Earth entirely. The story ended with zombie Reed staring straight out at the reader going "Ever have the feeling that you've been had?"

People were PISSED. I was saying I told you so. ;) I was annoyed as well, because it was Typical Millar Hype yet again, and some people lapped it up, pointing and laughing at the know, the core audience.

He did it again with the infamous "Rachel Grey is going to be raped by Wolverine" brouhaha in Wolverine 25, which again never happened.

Wait wait, this is going somewhere, I was just setting things up. And ranting about Mark Millar makes me feel good.

Recently, I'd been seeing ads for a "new hit tv series" called Scarlet. I watched the trailer, and it looked like a fun mix of Alias and Dark Angel, and other kick-ass female type of shows. I was most interested. Didn't really see a whole lot of information on it, figured it was too early for dates and such. I noticed in the TV Guide this week, an ad saying it would be premiering on Monday. I couldn't find any mention of it in the listing, or in their picks of shows, or anywhere actually covered in the issue. That was odd, and annoying.

I poke around some more today, don't see anything on the site, grab IMDB to see if anyone saw it, and found some links explaining what the show was.

Well, there was no show. There is no show. Scarlet is a new series all right. A series of televisions called Scarlet. Or more commonly called a product line.

I rewatched the trailer, and there is such Millaresque lines as "The evidence is staring them in the face." "Things aren't always what they seem." "What do you mean she's going to change tv forever??"

So, I've been Millarred, by someone who is not Mark. And as usual, I ain't too happy about it. I'm sure someone is reading this, pointing and laughing at me, but I really hate when creators think they're being clever and jerk fans around. It's one thing to throw a curveball in a storyline, or build suspense for a product, but to build expectations, pull a switcheroo, and then be smug about how awesomely clever you are, basically showing your fanbase to be dumb a bit of a bad move.

I'm less annoyed now, than I was this morning, but still wanted to rant. And give anyone else looking forward to Scarlet a head's up.


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