Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Comics Next Week

Which will be getting three weeks' of comics all at once. Gyah.

Action Comics #864
Blue Beetle Vol 7 #26
DC Universe Zero (Final Crisis Tie-In)
Gargoyles Bad Guys #2
Green Lantern Vol 4 #30
Grimm Fairy Tales Piper #2
Jack Of Fables #22
Legion Of Super-Heroes Vol 5 #41
Marvel Comics Presents Vol 2 #8
New Avengers #40 (Secret Invasion Tie-In)
New Warriors Vol 4 #11 (If I can weasel my way out of this issue...)
Order Vol 2 #10
Teen Titans Vol 3 #58
Thor Ages Of Thunder
Wildguard Insider #1
Witchblade Devi #1 Cvr A Land
Wizard Comics Magazine #200 Platinum 200 Greatest Characters Cvr
X-Men Legacy #210 (X-Men Divided We Stand Tie-In)


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