Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Theatre Hopping

Anyone who's known me for awhile knows my love/hate relationship with the local theatre that is almost my only venue for movies (The two or so around other than the Movieplex 9, are pretty crap the only times I ever went there), besides the one an hour away, but that's also where I get comics, so works ok on occasion. There's some new people who have yet to hear my "Oh for...again they're not getting the movie!!" or "Their showtimes STILL aren't posted for Friday, and it's 9am..."

My biggest beef is that they never seem to get the movies I want to see.

And I'm not talking little independent films. Here's a few examples from memory of movies that weren't in the local theatre, either for opening weekend, or in some cases, at all.

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.
LotR: The Two Towers.
They wised up to the third film.
Lost in Space.
Star Wars: Episode I.

There's many others, but y'all get the idea.

Also recently, they stopped putting their showtimes in the local papers, which makes it very fun to figure out when you want to see a movie, since half the time they can't be bothered to update their website with that same information, let alone get it out to any number of sites which every OTHER theatre in existence will post their times to.

Finally, in today's paper, there is this. For the clicking impaired, their landlords are trying to get the theatre evicted from the location. This isn't the first time, but odds are good it might be the last. With the above behaviour, I can't exactly say I'm surprised.

The current owners of the chain sure don't seem like they want customers, since they go out of their way to not have movies, don't want you to know when they're showing them, and prices have been jumping up and up faster than I would expect. The last movie I saw, at a matinee, cost as much as an evening show did just a few months ago.

If they don't want to run a theatre, and don't want customers, I say bring in some other theatre that is more than willing to pack those seats.

Just PLEASE do it quickly, because there's quite a few movies I want to see this summer. While I do quite like the theatre over in Claremont, it is also not the most convenient thing, for me to wake up to get to a matinee an hour away, and to come back from for the people driving me, who usually like to be in bed when the sun goes down. =P


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