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Brown Eggs

I officially worship at the altar of Alton Brown, god of cooking.

I've been trying to figure out omelettes, and NEVER been happy with the outcome. Edible, but usually parents officially made me the omelette person, so I always searched for new ways to try.

Monday, Alton's show, Good Eats, did an episode on omelettes, and I just KNEW someone would want one after seeing it, including myself, but I wanted to, you know, practice first.

Finally got my chance this morning, and wow, this is easily the best omelette I've ever made. A *tad* underdone, but light, and tasty otherwise. And so damned simple and quick. I'm a happy firebird.

Oh, and when I put the eggs into hot water to warm them up first, the mix of cold eggs and hot water made this adorable little sound not unlike cheeping, which made me giggle terribly.

This may well make my holy trinity Alton Brown, Adam Savage, and Alan Davis.

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