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Further Diablo II Musings

I've read the messages, and figured it would be best to address some of the queries in a new post, to make sure all saw it, rather than responding individually to everyone, or a big post at the end of the current comments...

So here we go.

Frito Says: And -- given the infinte possibilities with branches and Bowazon vs Spearazon -- we COULD expand it to more than 7. ;)

I respond: Well, except you can only have 8 people in a game. I'm thinking seven, one for each character class. If soemone really wants something, we can double up a class. And starting with all new characters, so we go through the game, together, as a group. And I'm twisted enough to say we start the characters off with what they start with, and build them up with items as we move along, but that's negotiable.

Contrail Says: Which Realm would we be playing on?

I Respond: Probably US West, since that's where I normally hang around on, and it's my default, but it doesn't really matter to me.

Dk Says: I wanted to play an Assassin :-PpPpPp

I Respond: Mwahahahahaah. ;) We can trade around at a later date, or something. If there's enough folks, maybe have several games going.


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