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Well, I decided to delete two of my three Batwoman icons. I could never decide which one to use, but it's finally time. Three is just overkill. =) I intend to redo the one I kept, since the image I used was low quality, and I now have the 52 Covers book, so can make a considerably better looking one.

I also uploaded a new icon of Booster Gold's sister Goldstar, who has suddenly become a redhead.

Time travel turning blondes into redheads is always something I approve of, and celebrate this fact with a new image! Just what I'll use it for, I dunno. ;)

While thanks to quietdarkness I have a paid LJ for my birthday, and have more icon space, I don't want to go crazy and lose 'em all in the year, so it was time for some Batwomen to go.


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