Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Photoblog: Bondbusters!

For cyclopsscott's birthday, knowing he loves Mythbusters and James Bond, and he doesn't get the Discovery Channel, I made him a disc with the two recent Mythbusters shows covering Bond myths. Once I had it in a jewel case, I looked at it, and realised it could really use a cover to it, and so I dug around online, and with the help of my Casino Royale DVD, and a bunch of screencaps from the episodes themselves, I made the following image for the DVD cover. Not having the best quality signal to DVD to screencaps from the tv, some of the episode images didn't come out that great, and thus Kari suffered a bit, but not too bad.

Overall I'm quite pleased with this little project.

Now, I just have to panic that the disc will be caught at the border... >.<


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