Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey


Finally, today she said something noteworthy.

My dad bought his first CD this week, a collection of 50s rock songs.

My mother picks it up, reads the track listing, "Wow, this has all the hits from the 50s!!"

Added bonus, this led to the usual, "This music is so much better and understandable and jas more meaning than anything coming out today!"

While "Rocking Robin" is playing. Yeah, that songs not the 50s version of bubblegum pop at ALL. ;)

I got nothing against the song, it's a catchy tune, but there's really nothing to it, and it's not really saying anything besides "Oooh, pretty birdies!"

Now, I must run because my parents BOUGHT the Snow Buddies DVD and I must hide. Dear Hollywood, please stop making talking animal films. My mother will buy them all, and say they're great, no matter how godawful they are.


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